Ewha Womans University, proudly the first IFFTI member in Korea, extends a warm welcome to all fashion education leaders worldwide for IFFTI 2024 Ewha in Seoul.

Founded in 1886 as Korea's inaugural modern school for women, Ewha has evolved into the world's premier women's university, marked by a relentless pursuit of progress and innovation.

Over its 138-year history, Ewha has been committed to nurturing students' intellectual growth, equipping them with the multicultural perspectives essential in today's globalized landscape.

In 1945, Ewha made history again by inaugurating Korea's first university art department. Since then, Ewha Art and Design College has been instrumental in cultivating and advancing art and culture within our society.

In 1967, the Department of Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University introduced Korea's pioneer art-based fashion design curriculum. Renowned as Korea's foremost fashion education institution, the department is dedicated to providing systematic fashion design education, conducting cutting-edge research, and fostering industry-leading professionals.

Ewha Womans University's Department of Fashion Design became a regular member of IFFTI in 2016, elevating Ewha's global standing. With a rich history dating back to 1999, IFFTI has been at the forefront of fostering international cooperation in all facets of fashion.

IFFTI 2024 Ewha will serve as a platform for advancing professional development towards a forward-looking future in the fashion industry, centered around the theme of ' Fashion Towards Post-Humanism.'

Post-Humanism emerges as a compelling new ethos amidst the Anthropocene era, emphasizing a sensibility transcending the human body and mind. IFFTI 2024 Ewha promises to be an enriching environment for studying, teaching, and creating fashion that transcends conventional boundaries.

The IFFTI 2024 Ewha Organizing Committee is proud to host the inaugural IFFTI 2024 event in Korea, committed to ensuring it becomes the most impactful and memorable iteration of the 26th IFFTI Annual Conference. 

IFFTI 2024 Ewha Organizing Committee

Ewha Fashion Design

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