"No matter whose fight No matter who is right No one is safe unless everyone is. You want to raise your children well? You need to raise your voice as well. Cake with no one to share. Drawings of a massacre Where mountains should have been. No one speaks the truth Like children do At its core, the film establishes that all that remains in the cosmos are fragments of humans as we once knew them. Set in the future, the spirits of children from wars of the past show us the world through their eyes. As we progress rapidly within this cosmos, heightening our state of consciousness with every step, we fail to recognize how we are failing this world—our world. With permanently altered minds, the children of war show us how they could never hope to think, feel, or act like their former selves in a world that stops for no one. We fail to recognize that those affected in the past stay there. So, who is to be blamed? We fail to recognize our role in this cosmos, fail to see the bigger picture, for it is not about us. It has never been about us. But we are here for a reason, and we are human for a reason. After this passes, will our conscience remain unstained?"