"“A human who considered their own body the most beautiful, dreams a repetitive and continuous dream, like flowers blooming and withering again. What is a dream, and what is reality? Alchemy's transformation towards completion transcends boundaries, navigating between dreams and reality.” This work captures the constantly changing and evolving aspects of human life in the contemporary context. Each scene metaphorically merges nature, technology, and fashion, suggesting that our everyday experiences can be perceived from various perspectives, much like the two sides of a coin. Sculptures with blurred boundaries between space, fashion, and the body emphasize the philosophy of post-humanism, proposing an experience that transcends the notions of center and periphery. In the middle of the narrative, scenes reminiscent of a daydream where humans seem to return to reality portray the overlapping structures of the virtual world and reality, giving rise to a new form where the everyday reality intertwines with dreams. This composition weaves together the coexisting worlds of daily existence and daydreams, using a sculpture with the texture of a clothing as a metaphor for fashion that represents the characteristics of post-human culture without clear distinctions between center and boundary. As sculpture with the texture of a clothing emerges within the daydream, the work encapsulates the symbolism of the artificial, accentuating the fusion of technology and art. This vividly projects how our lives are transforming and evolving from the perspective of post-humanism. All elements interact, transcending center and boundary, showcasing the diverse interpretations and experiences of human life."