Ewha Womans University, the first IFFTI member in Korea, is honored to host IFFTI 2024 SEOUL. We welcome fashion education leaders from all over the world to Seoul. In 2024, the 26th IFFTI ANNUAL CONFERENCE will promote the development of fashion expertise for a positive future in fashion.

Founded in 1886 as Korea’s first modern school for women, Ewha has grown into the world's most comprehensive women's university through constant progress and leaps forward based on the spirit of challenge and innovation. For the past 138 years, Ewha aims to maximize the development of students’ intellectual capacities to equip students with a multicultural perspective demanded in today's globalized society. 

In 1945, Ewha became the first university in the country to introduce an arts department. Throughout the years, Ewha played a vital role in nurturing and advancing arts and culture in our society. The College of Art and Design is the first educational institute in Korea to offer a four-year college program in the arts. The college’s purpose is to foster highly creative and expressive art professionals and designers through strengthened fundamental studies and more specialized programs, and to yield artists capable of interdisciplinary thinking through a more advanced educational framework.  As an open and forward-looking academic and research program, it will strive to achieve global competitiveness, enhance the status of Korea’s art and design, and play a leading role in the creation of innovative culture. The College of Art and Design is composed of 3 divisions.  

The foremost competitiveness of the Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University is that it’s the first fashion design major in Korea based on art. Fashion Design Major offers bachelor, master, and doctoral programs. The Fashion Design major offers a comprehensive four-year undergraduate curriculum emphasizing in particular on creativity and experimentation. 

Since foundation in 2001, Fashion Design Research Institute has been dedicated to researching design with primary focus in a bid to promote sensitiveness of domestic fashion industry and design planning competences in line with the consumer trends characterized by sophisticated sensitive consumption. In particular, our institute launched its in-house fashion brand E-Feel in 2005 to develop products by planning and designing of professional researchers with multiple years of professional career and had our design competencies highly recognized in markets, taking the lead in reshaping the direction of domestic fashion design education and research.

A global network of International Fashion and Textile Institutes, IFFTI provide a meaningful voice, representing a diverse range of Institutions from across the world (currently 55 institutions from 23 countries), offering an opportunity to share knowledge and intercultural understanding to inform, develop, shape, and direct the fashion and textile curricula and research agenda.

IFFTI position a powerful collective conversation for the Disciplines globally as we respond and collaborate with key stakeholders including industry, government, NGOs, and community groups.

IFFTI offer an inclusive approach to membership welcoming and supporting both well- established and new institutions, providing opportunities for mentoring and sharing of best and future education and research practices.

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